Paper Faced Tape-On Cornerbead

To give you a superior joint compound adhesion and maximum protection for a professionally finished corner, Clinch-On covers its paper faced tape-on cornerbead with a specially engineered paper using a paperto-steel lamination process that eliminates delamination. Our durable fiber specially engineered paper prevents balling (fuzzing) when sanding. For superior protection, Clinch-On laminates its uniquely formulated paper to the Clinch-On proprietary coated steel.

Limited Warranty

Clinch-On manufactures its cornerbead to meet a rigid set of specifications using top quality, corrosion-resistant, proprietary coated steel. Clinch-On warrants that its paper-faced tape-on cornerbead will not edge crack when applied to a sound structure built on a permanent foundation using Clinch-On recommended application techniques. Subject to use under normal conditions, Clinch-On paper-faced tape-on cornerbead is guaranteed for 30 years from the date of installation. Clinch-On shall not be responsible for any loss resulting from installation practices not in accordance with Clinch-On recommended application techniques; damage caused by contact with water during delivery or while stored at the job site; failure of the owner to maintain the building with reasonable care and abnormal conditions including abuse, neglect, catastrophe and intermittent or prolonged exposure to water. Clinch-On makes no warranties other than that which is explicitly stated herein.

Clinch-On Catalog

Our drywall trim products. Special length cuts available upon request with ten (10) day advanced notice.

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